Your troubles are merely delays, all things are possible.

Waynna's World is designed to share life lessons. I believe that in life we go through things "So That" we can assist someone else that is experiencing the same. Our lives are not just for us, my heart's desire is that everyone WINS in life.

Win in your family, your relationships, your job, your finances and life in general.

Hold your head up high, straighten your back, and speak Life into yourself. Let others know: "DON’T COUNT ME OUT!!!"


Be true to yourself

Waynna Dobson is known for encouraging, motivating, and uplifting all whom she encounters. She is the mother of Amber, Hunter and her "other son" Kyshaad, and grandmother of Aniyah better known as "Princess NiNi".

Founder of "Waynna's World" and a candid and transparent spokesperson. She is sincere in helping spread insight from her life's experiences as well as other individuals who dedicate their lives not to give up, cave in, or quit.

Under the "Waynna's World" umbrella, the "Don't Count Me Out" women's events and conferences were born. It is an empowering unification of love, information, and support, purposed to educate women in knowing that all things are possible.

Waynna believes that your troubles are merely delays and she stands firm on being true to yourself, so that you can be true to others.

Waynna's World Book

Book: Lessons Learned

By: Waynn Dobson




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